Hello! I'm Mike!

Joomla Preacher, Father, Manager and sarcastic.


I like


I like it so much, I made my job out of it! Check out Joombiz.eu


has been an interest since i was 16 and I got my first camera from my grandfather.


Public Relations and Marketing bring the passion to my job.


What's keeping me busy?


Yes, I love Joomla! Not only as a CMS, but mostly the community that breaths one passion.


Ah, too much to talk about in just a few words, grab me a beer and we'll talk all night long...

J! Shop

Let's revive this project. Breath new life to it. Not just me but together with a great team we will succeed in it!


Wine & Food

Yes, i'm a foodie who likes to cook and I love some good wine. Hungry? me too...


Ever since I was 4, I traveled the world (with my parents at that time), now i'm traveling for my work and leisure...


I used to shut down, talking in front of a large group. Put me in front of a group now, and I'll entertain you... 

My Latest Instagram Shots


Who is Mike ?

Mike Veeckmans, Born 6th May 1980, Driven by live.

I'm a wanderer, a sitebuilder, a geek, a friend, a plumber, a foodie, a marketeer, a dad, a manager,... I am me!

My Skills

  • Webbuilder 100%

  • Marketing 90%

  • Photography 80%

  • Projectmanagement95%



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